SG200 Software Updates

SG200 Downloadable Upgrade Information

SoH ibex combo2With the introduction of the Bluetooth Gateway and the corresponding Balmar App, we have introduced the ability to upgrade the firmware on SmartLink products. The files needed to perform the upgrades are included in the App release, so if you want to ensure you are on the latest versions of your SmartLink products, just make sure your app is up to date. If your phone or tablet is set to update the app whenever a new version is available, great. If not, please check for updates often in either the Apple store or the Google Play store.

A quickstart guide is included in the SG2-0300 Bluetooth Gateway packaging, you can also see it here: SG2-0300 Quickstart Guide ALWAYS UPGRADE THE BLUETOOTH GATEWAY FIRST, IF IT HAS AN UPGRADE AVAILABLE. A note about upgrading chemistries: When you update the SmartShunt firmware, the process downloads copies of the chemistries and then installs them into the Smartshunt at the end of the upgrade process. This happens even if there is no actual changes made to the chemistries. If the chemistry you are using is shown in the “Chemistries Upgraded” column of the table, the you must re-select the chemistry from the Device Settings to load the new chemistry. At this point, the learning will restart on the system.

App REVSmart Shunt REVDisplay REVGateway REVApp Revision InformationDevice Firmware ChangesChemistries ChangedAprox Release Date
2.2.2 (222)Sg2-0100 3.11 (Unchanged)

SG2-0130 (SG230/SG235) 2.03

SG2-0240 2.03
3.154.17NoneCansus SmartShunt: Fixed bug that disagbled MC-618 Charing when that product was connected to SmartLinkNone7/14/2022
2.2.1 (218)Sg2-0100 3.11 (Unchanged)

SG2-0130 (SG230/SG235) 2.02

SG2-0240 2.02
3.154.17NoneCanbus SmartShunts: Compatibility and stability improvements None5/13/2023
2.1.3(206) Note, this shows in the Apple store as 2.1.2, due to an issue with that store. It shows the correct 2.1.3 version in the App.Sg2-0100 3.11 (Unchanged)

SG2-0130 (SG230/SG235) 1.09 (Unchanged)

SG2-0240 1.09 (Unchanged)
3.154.17NoneColor Display: Bug fix that caused a blank screen in certain circumstances.

Bluetooth Gateway: Fix for a intermittent SmartLink communications issue which can result in a lockup condition.
Relion: Improves how fast batteries are learned. No need to reapply the chemistry if the batteries have already been cycled. Increased Current fault limit to 650A

All other chemistries: Increased Current fault limit to 650A
2.1.1(196)SG2-0100 3.11 (Unchanged)

SG2-0240 1.09

SG2-0130 (SG230/SG235) 1.09
3.124.14Toggle Faults on/off from DisplayColor Display can now toggle between faults displaying and faults not displaying.

CANBus SmartShunts now can be upgraded.
2.1.0[188]SG2-0100 3.11

SG2-0240 1.06

SG2-0230 1.06
3.124.13Multimaster, New Lithium Chemistry, Canbus SmartShunt SupportApp and Color display can now be used simultaneously

SG230 and SG240 (CAN bus) compatibility.

Faults now default to OFF. They can be turned on via the Color Display

Fixed a bug in the naming of the MC-618 when more than one regulator is on the network
Improved Initial SoH accuracy for LiFeP04 (lithium) battery chemistry. (MUST re-apply the chemistry)

Relion LiFeP04 Chemistry added.
2.0[140]SG2-0100 2.973.04.06Secure Negotiations (See above) New Icons, Rename gateway, MC-618 supportGateway update to allow for Secure Negotiations, gateway renaming. Supports MC-618 regulatorALL: fixes SoC error when batteries are kept on constant float over extended periods (Typically a shore power charger) SoH improvements 4/20/2021
1.5.1[93]2.912.912.92None1. Fixed miscalculation of Time Remaining when discharge was less than C/20.

2. Corrected network issue causing APP to lose realtime data after many hours. 3. Improved SoC accuracy when battery is fully charged with very low discharge rate (below 1 amp)
1.5[86]2.792.792.801. Upgrade process up to 8x faster.

2. Demo mode (With static data).

3. Redesign of the interface.

4. Reduced the potential for corrupted data if upgrade process interrupted.
1. Numerous network stability and reliability improvements.

2. Standardized all time remaining “Until” percentages to 50% during discharge, except for LiFePO4, at 20%.
ALL: 1. Improved SoC during High-rate discharge over .3C.

2. Faster/more accurate learning for larger battery banks LiFePO4 only: Improved SoC accuracy when idle
1.0.4[57]2.612.612.71. Upgrade process up to 8x faster.

2. Demo mode (With static data).

3. Redesign of the interface.

4. Reduced the potential for corrupted data if upgrade process interrupted.
1. When multiple devices of the same type are on the network and they have different names, they can now be updated in turn while remaining in-place on the SmartLink network.

2. Preventing a situation where if the chemistry upgrade process were interrupted, device memory could become corrupted.

3. Prevents false voltage faults when upgrading firmware with 24V & 48V banks.

4. Removed voltage faults on Auxiliary voltage leads.

5. Corrected errors in Time Remaining calculations.
1.03 [50]2.582.572.561. Corrects Factory Calibration restoration functions

2. Correct Alert function while APP IS CONNECTED screen is showing on the Color DIsplay.
1.02 [49]2.572.562.561.Prevents False Alerts and Faults after firmware upgrade

2. Fix that prevents bogus alerts and faults from being issued from SmartShunt after firmware upgrade
1.01 [48]2.562.562.561. FIx Compatability issuesNone9/11/19
1.00 [47]2.552.552.561. Improved SoH estimation algorithm, Fixes Peukert Factor at low rate discharge

2. Contains numerous changes including better error detection and correction, fixes to power initialization, SG200 Quiet mode, and firmware upgrade capabilities.”
B.042Initial Release