Balmar Releases MC-618 Smart Regulator and SG205 Battery Montor

Huntsville, AL – Balmar LLC, the leading manufacturer of onboard DC charging systems for cruising sail boat, power boat and RV motorhomes today announced full production release of the MC-618 Smart Regulator and SG205 Battery Monitor.  Both products are immediately available for shipment and work with both Apple iOS and Google Android devices. 

The MC-618 upgrades Balmar’s venerable MC-614 alternator regulator by adding communication capabilities through a connection to the SG200 family of battery monitors.  This means that real-time alternator and regulator information can be displayed on either the SG200 Color Display and/or the Balmar Smartphone App.  Balmar has also added new regulation features to the MC-618, including a “Force-to-Float” capability, cold weather protection for lithium batteries and an additional standard charging profile for Firefly Carbon Foam AGM batteries. 

The SG205 extends Balmar’s SG200 product family in a cost-effective manner by eliminating the need for the bulkhead mounted 2” Color Display.  The SG205 ships with a SmartShunt and Bluetooth® Gateway for users who want to view battery and regulator information solely from their smartphones.  The SG205 SmartShunt is expandable if Color Displays or additional battery banks are added at a future date.    

“Balmar customers for years have requested we include a topside display capability with our Max Charge regulator family” explained Chris Witzgall, Balmar Product Manager.  “With the MC-618 and SG205 working together, now boaters and RV owners can see what the charging system is doing in real-time and also set up or adjust charging programs from their smartphones.  All this works seamlessly in concert with the best-in-class battery monitoring capability of SG200 technology.  Now the battery charging and monitoring systems are integrated in one family of devices and displays.”

Balmar’s MC-618 and SG205 are available around the world through its business channel partners.  For more information and to locate a Balmar dealer, retail outlet or distribution partner go to or call +1-800-467-3371.