Balmar Releases New Alternator Protection Module

Huntsville, AL – Balmar LLC, the leading manufacturer of onboard DC charging systems for cruising sail, powerboat and RV motorhomes announced today the release of a new family of Alternator Protection Modules (“APM”).  Shipment of the APM-12 (for 12 volt systems) and APM-24 (for 24 volt systems) began February 1st. 

Mounted conveniently on the rear of any alternator, the Balmar APM is designed to absorb voltage and current spikes that commonly occur in many onboard electrical distribution systems from intermittent connections, disconnects and over-voltage events.   Lithium battery adoption has introduced a new problem if a battery disconnects due to an internal fault or issue.  A battery-initiated disconnect during charging can induce a voltage surge which will damage the alternator’s rectifier diodes or internal regulator and render the unit inoperable. The Balmar APM excels in both short duration and longer duration spikes, where other products fail.

The APM-12 will clamp up to a 60 volt spike and sustained over voltage conditions beginning around 20 volts.  The APM-12 can absorb multiple surges of such energy to continually protect an alternator and other devices on the electrical distribution network.  Visual and audible alarms indicate if the device has been compromised and needs replacement.

The Balmar APM family meets ISO 16750-2 for Load Dump Protection and ISO 7637-2 for Surge Protection.  The APM can be deployed to protect either Balmar or other manufacturer’s charging systems.

“The APM family provides an extra level of protection against electrical system anomalies.” explained Chris Witzgall, Balmar Product Manager.  “Proper grounding practices and solid connections are still the best protection against unintended damage to electrical components.  Our lab testing demonstrates that it is very difficult to damage unprotected Balmar alternators, yet we know these events can occur in many installations and use cases.  The APM adds another level of fault protection against unforeseen events.”

Balmar APM’s are available around the world through its business channel partners.  For more information and to locate a Balmar dealer, retail outlet or distribution partner go to or call +1-800-467-3371.