SG200 Battery Monitor
Balmar’s Expandable, Next Generation Monitor

  • Learns & Displays All Critical Battery Parameters
    • State of Charge (SoC%)
    • State of Health (SoH%)
    • Charge/Discharge Current Flow
    • Time Remaining
    • History, Faults & Alerts
  • Support for All Common Battery Chemistries & Voltages
    • Including Lead Acid, Lithium (LiFePO4), Standard AGM,
      TPPL AGM, Carbon Foam AGM, and GEL Batteries
    • Supports 12V-48V Battery Banks
    • Typically 97% Accurate for SoC% within 2 Cycles
    • Auto-Calibrating
    • Does not Lose Accuracy with Age
  • Large, Bright Color Display
    • Sunlight Readable, Configurable & Dimmable
    • 60 Degree Viewing Angle
    • Fits in Standard 2 1/16″ Gauge Socket
  • Expandable Architecture
    • Support Multiple Displays (Optional)
    • Supports Multiple Battery Banks (Optional)
    • Standard Support for 2 Start Batteries (Voltage Only)
    • Simple, easy-to-install Point-to-Point Network
  • Optional Smartphone/Bluetooth® Gateway
    • Free iOS and Android Apps (Requires Bluetooth® Gateway PN SG2-0300)
    • View All Parameters on your Phone
    • Download Product Updates

    Balmar has combined recent technology advances to introduce a next generation battery monitor. The SG200 is quite simply the most accurate battery monitor available today. Balmar has combined the best features of its 1st generation SmartgaugeTM with many advantages of a shunt-based amp-hour counting system. Further, we’ve designed a device architecture which facilitates multiple Displays or multiple SmartShunts to be added to the network-allowing the boater to monitor multiple energy storage banks simultaneously from multiple locations.

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    In addition, the SG200 Color Display is easy to read, configurable and fits any standard 2 1/16″ gauge socket. Now you can determine your battery(s) condition from anywhere on the vessel or vehicle with multiple Displays, or simply add the optional Bluetooth® Smartphone App to keep information in your pocket!

Data Displayed

State of Charge (SoC%) State of Health (SoH%) Charge/Discharge Amps Time Remaining
Accurate display of your battery’s State of Charge after just two discharge cycles Proprietary self-calibrating algorithm determines how your battery has aged from its original capacity. Displays the real-time current flowing in or out of your house battery. Time remaining until empty when discharging, or time remaining until full when charging.


Base Configuration Wiring

Click Here for more information on SG200 Upgrades

Click Here to Download the SG200 Battery Monitor Manual

Click Here to Download the SG2-0300 Bluetooth Gateway Quick Start Guide

Click Here to Download a Hint Video for Installing the SG200 Communications Cable

Click Here to View a Video of Rodd Collins with Compass Marine Reviewing the SG200 Battery Monitor


Expandable ArchitectureSG200 Multi Gauge-Smartshunt Diagram

    • Build your own battery monitoring network
    • Add color displays for viewing data in different locations
    • All battery information can be displayed anywhere on the SmartLink Network
    • For additional flexibility, purchase the optional Bluetooth® Gateway and download Balmar’s Smartphone App
    • Add SmartShunts if you have multiple banks:
      Stern thruster
      Bow thruster
      House bank #2


Ordering Guidance

Part Number Description Explanation / Includes
SG200Battery Monitor Kit, 12V-48VStandard Unit for Initial Purchase: Includes Color Display, SmartShunt, SmartLink Com Cable
SG2-0100SmartShunt, SG200, 350A, 12V-48VAdd a SmartShunt for Additional Bank: Includes SmartShunt and SmartLink Com Cable
SG2-0200Color Display, SG200, 2 1/16″Add a Color Display to an existing SmartLink Network
SG2-0300Gateway, SG200, Bluetooth®Optional 39″ Bluetooth® Gateway for Smartphone App
SG2-0400Com Cable, SG200, 10mOptional SmartLink Com Cable (10 meter) for Longer Cable Runs
SG2-0402Adapter Plate, SG200Optional Adapter Plate to Mount SG200 into the SmartgaugeTM Socket








Video Demonstration

SG200 Specifications

Standard Configuration:

1 Bank per SmartShunt Device
2 Start/Auxiliary Voltage Sense Lines
(Up to 32 devices including Displays and
SmartShunts can be added to a single network)

Display Values:State of Charge (SoC%)
State of Health (SoH%)
Voltage (V)
Charge/Discharge Current (A)
Time Remaining (Hrs)
History, Faults & Alerts (Consult User Manual)
Supply Voltage Range:8V – 60V DC Max Ah Capacity:1250 Ah (per SmartShunt)
Average Supply Current:Display On: 20 mA @ 12V
Sleep Mode: 10 mA @ 12V
Communications Cable:4 wire, 22 AWG, Shielded
4 pin Deutsch DT Style
SmartShunt Operating
-40oC to +85oC (-40oF to +185oF) Grounding:Negative Battery Connection
SmartShunt Max Current:600A Instantaneous (10 minutes @ ambient)
350A Continuous
(For Higher Currents Consult User Manual)
SmartShunt Dimensions:Length: 4.87″ (123.7 mm)
Width: 3.34″ (84.8 mm)
Height: 2.01″ (50.9 mm)
Weights: SmartShunt: 0.62 lbs
Color Display: 0.16 lbs
Color Display Dimensions:Bezel Diameter: 2.37″ (60 mm)
Base Diameter: 2.05 (52 mm)
Depth with Attachment Cable: 2.75″ (70 mm)
Standards Compliance:CE EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
ROHS 2 Directive 2011/65/EU
Protection Rating:IP65 (Display), IP67 (SmartShunt)