CDI Electronics and Balmar Select S.M. Osgood Company for RV and Upper Midwest Marine Sales Representation


Huntsville, Alabama – CDI Electronics, the leading manufacturer of aftermarket ignition components and diagnostic software and Balmar, the leading manufacturer of DC charging systems have chosen S.M. Osgood Company to represent the companies’ products in the Upper Midwest Regions.

S.M. Osgood President Tim Luehmann remarked, “CDI Electronics and Balmar are widely recognized premium brands in their respective categories. We are pleased to offer our OEMs, dealers and distribution partners the opportunity to expand their business with CDI and Balmar’s technically superior products and industry renowned application support.”

CDI/Balmar Sales Manager Frank Ahlbin added, “We were looking to expand our selling efforts in the Upper Midwest Marine market. Further, Balmar products also have growing application in the Recreational Vehicle market as Lithium batteries are replacing generators on all classes of RVs. Balmar’s regulator products are being used to charge and protect LiFePO4 batteries. S.M. Osgood provides unique capabilities to sell to both the Marine and RV markets.”

CDI Electronics (www.cdielectronics) has been serving the marine industry with quality ignition components, diagnostic software and technical support for 34 years. Balmar ( has also been serving the industry for 34 years with innovative DC charging solutions for sail and powerboat applications. For more information about the CDI Electronics and Balmar products visit our websites or call +1-800-467-3371.

Headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota S.M. Osgood Company ( provides manufacturing representation focused on the Marine and RV Industries. We provide a valuable resource for our customers and principals producing increased sales with an emphasis on market growth and product development. Builders, distributors and dealers interested in CDI Electronics and Balmar products can contact S.M. Osgood at +1-952-937-2045.

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