Alternator Dimensions

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In order to ensure quality, Balmar reserves the right to make changes which may affect alternator dimensions or specification.  Balmar is not liable for any damages or injuries resulting from faulty product installation.  See the Balmar Warranty and ordering instructions for more information.

Small case 60-Series Alternators are equipped standard with 10mm bore spacers and bushings.  8mm bore spacers and bushings are available for those units.  Call Balmar Customer Service at 360-435-6100 for assistance.

621-Series alternators are equipped with a removable bushed 1” spacer for use with 2” installations.  1” mounts feature a 0.50” bore.  2” mounts feature a 0.38” bore.  Always compare the existing alternator & replacement alternator dimensions.  Balmar cannot guarantee direct OEM replacement.