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Ordering Guidance

Part Number Description Explanation / Includes
SG200 Battery Monitor Kit, 12V-48V Standard Unit for Initial Purchase: Includes Color Display, SmartShunt, SmartLink Com Cable
SG2-0100 SmartShunt, SG200, 350A, 12V-48V Add a SmartShunt for Additional Bank: Includes SmartShunt and SmartLink Com Cable
SG2-0200 Color Display, SG200, 2 1/16″ Add a Color Display to an existing SmartLink Network
SG2-0300 Gateway, SG200, Bluetooth® Optional 39″ Bluetooth® Gateway for Smartphone App
SG2-0400 Com Cable, SG200, 10m Optional SmartLink Com Cable (10 meter) for Longer Cable Runs
SG2-0402 Adapter Plate, SG200 Optional Adapter Plate to Mount SG200 into the SmartgaugeTM Socket