Operation Manuals for Discontinued Balmar Products

Balmar maintains the following library of manuals for products no longer in production.  Simply click on the link provided to view and/or download the applicable document.
User Manuals for Out-of-Production Balmar Products
Part NumberDescription
Alternators & Charging Kits
12/24V12/24V Alternators Manual: 2010-2018
All 12V12 Volt Alternators Manual: 2005-2009
All 12V12 Volt Alternators Manual: pre-2005
All 24V24 Volt Alternators Manual: 2005-2009
8-Series8-Series Alternators Manual
Voltage Regulators
ARSARS Regulator Manual
ARS-2ARS-2 Regulator Manual
ARS-3ARS-3 Regulator Manual
ARS-4ARS-4 Regulator Manual
ARS-5ARS-5 Regulator Manual: Pre-7/19/17
MC-412Max Charge 412 Regulator Manual
MC-512Max Charge 512 Regulator Manual
MC-614Max Charge 614 Regulator Manual: Pre-7/19/17
MC-624Max Charge 624 Regulator Manual: Pre-7/19/17
MC-612Max Charge 612 Regulator Manual: 2005-2009
MC-612Max Charge 612 Regulator Manual: pre-2005
BRS-2BRS-2 Regulator Manual
CF-12/24Centerfielder 12/24 Volt Manual
DDC-12/24Digital Duo Charge Manual Pre-7/19/17
Manuals for current production Balmar products can be found on the Product Page for the applicable part number.