SG200 Downloadable Upgrade Information

SoH ibex combo2With the introduction of the Bluetooth Gateway and the corresponding Balmar App, we have introduced the ability to upgrade the firmware on SmartLink products. The files needed to perform the upgrades are included in the App release, so if you want to ensure you are on the latest versions of your SmartLink products, just make sure your app is up to date. If your phone or tablet is set to update the app whenever a new version is available, great. If not, please check for updates often in either the Apple store or the Google Play store.

A quickstart guide is included in the SG2-0300 Bluetooth Gateway packaging, you can also see it here: SG2-0300 Quickstart Guide ALWAYS UPGRADE THE BLUETOOTH GATEWAY FIRST, IF IT HAS AN UPGRADE AVAILABLE. A note about upgrading chemistries: When you update the SmartShunt firmware, the process downloads copies of the chemistries and then installs them into the Smartshunt at the end of the upgrade process. This happens even if there is no actual changes made to the chemistries. If the chemistry you are using is shown in the “Chemistries Upgraded” column of the table, the you must re-select the chemistry from the Device Settings to load the new chemistry. At this point, the learning will restart on the system.