Alternator Protection Modules

Alternators can be subjected to voltage spikes caused by lithium battery shutdowns, intermittent connections and other over-voltage events. Balmar has introduced a robust Alternator Protection 

Module which helps protect the alternator’s diodes and internal regulator against spikes (clamping up to 60V) and sustained over-voltage conditions (beginning around 20V) for the 12V version. The APM can absorb multiple surges of such energy, and can absorb surges in excess of 200 amps without failure to continually protect your alternator. Visual and audible alarms indicate if the device has been compromised and needs replacement. 

Balmar APM devices provide intelligent, robust, solid state protection in a small, easily mounted package at the rear of the alternator between the B+ and B- terminals. Balmar APM devices can be used to protect all alternator brands. 

  • APM-12 – Alternator Protection Module, 12V 
  • APM-24 – Alternator Protection Module, 24V 
  • APM-48 – Alternator Protection Module, 48V

Meets ISO 16750-2 for Load Dump Protection
Meets ISO 7637-2 for Surge Protection

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