AT-DF-165-K6-KITXT-Series & AT-Series Alternators
Designed for Recreational Applications

  • 170A or 220A in a Small Case Package
  • Up to 140A at Idle Speeds
  • Patented Smart Ready® Technology
  • Dual Fan Cooling, High Airflow Frame
  • Ideal for Large Battery Banks
  • USCG Title 33, ISO 8846 and SAE J1171 Certified

AT-Series and the New XT-Series Alternators from Balmar bring together the latest innovations in alternator design to deliver incredible charging power in a compact, Marine-friendly package.

Advanced Hairpin StatorThe New XT-Series Alternator family features a state-of-the-art, braided stator wire design to generate exceptional output in the smallest possible area. The XT-Series produces slightly more power than our previous AT-Series 165A design and operates 5o-10oC cooler.  In addition, we’ve added Balmar’s Smart Ready® internal regulator technology to provide an additional level of fault tolerance for cruising boaters.  Available XT-Series mounting styles have also expanded to include the “Vortec” 9Si design found on many GM gasoline engines.

The AT-Series 220A Alternator family features a hairpin-wound stator design which uses densely wound square copper wire to generate up to 220A at 3,000 engine rpm.   Hairpin-wound stators feature 96 slots – compared to 36 slots in a traditional S-wound stator – allowing the hairpin-wound stator to develop superior electromagnetic energy and efficiency to other traditional stator designs.

XT-Series and AT-Series Alternators may require a Tachometer Signal Stabilizer (Part No. 15-TSS) if your current tach is not adjustable.  XT-Series and AT-Series Alternators should only be used in Dual Vee or Multi-Groove Serpentine belt configurations. Balmar’s growing range of AltMount® Serpentine Pulley Conversion Kits support all XT-Series and AT-Series Alternators


Take Off



 Individual Alternator 
Part Number(2)(3)


Alternator Kit with
 Max Charge Regulator(1) 


Pulley Kit

 170 A  5.2 HP 1-2″ Single Foot 
    XT-SF-170-DV     XT-SF-170-DV-KIT    


  If a Dual Vee or 
Serpentine Pulley
is Not Already

See the

 XT-SF-170-K6 XT-SF-170-K6-KIT
XT-SF-170-J10 XT-SF-170-J10-KIT
 3.15″ Dual Foot 
XT-DF-170-DV  XT-DF-170-DV-KIT
XT-DF-170-K6  XT-DF-170-K6-KIT
XT-DF-170-J10  XT-DF-170-J10-KIT
Vortec XT-VT-170-K6 XT-VT-170-K6-KIT
 220A 6.0 HP
 1-2″ Single Foot 
    AT-SF-200-DV     AT-SF-200-DV-KIT    
AT-SF-200-K6  AT-SF-200-K6-KIT
 AT-SF-200-J10 AT-SF-200-J10-KIT
3.15″ Dual Foot 
AT-DF-200-DV  AT-DF-200-DV-KIT  
AT-DF-200-K6   AT-DF-200-K6-KIT 
 AT-DF-200-J10 AT-DF-200-J10-KIT 
4″ Dual Foot 
AT-DF4-200-DV   AT-DF4-200-DV-KIT  
AT-DF4-200-K6    AT-DF4-200-K6-KIT 

(1) Kit includes XT-Series or AT-Series Alternator, Max Charge Regulator (MC-614-H) and Temperature Sensors (MC-TS-A, MC-TS-B).
(2) The XT-Series or AT-Series Alternator may require a Tachometer Signal Stabilizer (15-TSS) if your current tachometer is not adjustable.
(3) All Dual Foot Yanmar Kits include the 6-0020 Mounting Kit.