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Smart Ready® Retrofit for Yanmar Engines with Valeo Alternators

Now Owners of Recent Production Yanmar Engines can Easily add Balmar Multi-Stage Regulation without Disposing of the Valeo Alternator Present on their Engine!  Learn how in this quick and easy demonstration video with Dale English of Balmar. Click Here to Learn more about the Smart Ready® Retrofit for Yanmar Engines...
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AltMount Installation Video Demonstration

Watch and listen to Dale English from Balmar describe the simple steps required to Install an AltMount® Serpentine Pulley Conversion.  A serpentine pulley system is required for any alternator rated above 100A at 12VDC or 45A at 24VDC.  The patented AltMount® System converts your single vee pulley system to serpentine quickly and easily.  Beyond the improvement in power conversion, you Continue Reading...
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Balmar at the Newport International Boat Show

Ocean Navigator Magazine filmed an informative explanation about Balmar’s DC Charging Products at the Newport International Boat Show in September 2015.  Stop by to see us at the next show!  ...
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