Smartgauge Battery Monitor

SmartgaugeSmartgaugeTMBattery Monitor

  • An Advanced Battery Fuel Gauge
  • Monitors State-of-Charge Percentage (SoC%) and Voltage of the Primary Battery
  • Monitors Voltage of a Second Battery
  • No Shunt Required
  • Self-Calibrating
  • Accurate within 5% after just a Few Cycles
  • High/Low Voltage and SoC% Alarms
  • Alarm Contacts for Auto Start/Stop 

Balmar’s new SmartgaugeTM Battery Monitor (Part No. 44-SG-12/24) provides highly accurate monitoring without the hassle of installing a shunt module to count amperes. The easy-to-understand display, dependable State-of-Charge Percent (SoC%) reading and its ease-of-use mean that even the most technically challenged crew member can understand just how much power is left in the battery.

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Three Important SmartgaugeTM Advantages:

Ease of Installation

SmartgaugeTM connects with just three 18 AWG  – no need to crimp heavy battery cables for the installation of a shunt.

Ease of Use

Just select your battery type at setup and SmartgaugeTM does the rest!  SmartgaugeTM automatically adjusts for 12V or 24V operation.


SmartgaugeTM is proven in independent testing by Enersys® to be accurate within 3% after 6 months of use.  SmartgaugeTM automatically adjusts for temperature conditions and the battery’s health.

Compass Marine Inc. located in Cumberland Foreside, Maine also performed a four month independent test on the SmartgaugeTM. Here’s what they had to say:

If I had three thumbs this product would get all three! The sheer simplicity and accuracy of this product are outstanding and I really did doubt it, I was proven wrong… What matters most to your batteries is your depth of discharge or state of charge. The Balmar SmartgaugeTM does this accurately and simply! Hands down the SmartgaugeTM is the easiest SOC meter made!

                                                                                                                                                                     – Rod Collins, Compass Marine Inc. 2014

Visit Rod’s Blog at for a complete description of the test conditions and results.

The SmartgaugeTM screens look like this in operation:

 Displays battery voltage to within 0.05V (12 or 24V DC systems)
for two battery banks.
Displays the capacity remaining in the primary battery
as a percentage figure. 

The SmartgaugeTM Battery Monitor works with Standard Flooded, Deep Cycle Flooded, Sealed Maintenance Free, Gel Cell, AGM and Lead Acid Hybrid batteries. SmartgaugeTM does not monitor Lithium Ion batteries. SmartgaugeTM is equipped with a brightness-adjustable LED display.  Three membrane switches access program functions and facilitate switching between primary and secondary battery banks.  Color-coded indicator lights identify the battery information being displayed and activate when programmable alarm conditions are met. For more detailed setup information, click here and download the SmartgaugeTM Installation Manual.  SmartgaugeTM is protected by a 2 Year limited warranty.

Smartgauge Diagram
SmartgaugeTM Specifications
Balmar Part Number44-SG-12/24
Supply Voltage Range8-40V DC
Supply CurrentSleep Mode5mA
 Display On<15mA
Operating Temperature Range-25 TO +85C
AccuracyState of Charge (Charge)+/- 10%
 State of Charge (Discharge)+/- 5%
 Voltage+/- 0.5%
DimensionsFront PanelL 4.3″ (110mm) x H 3.0″ (76mm)
 BodyL 3.7″ (95mm) x H 2.5″ (64mm)
 Total Depth1.1″ (28mm)
 Weight7oz. (0.2 Kg)
Protection RatingIP20 (Front Panel IP651)
Standards ComplianceCE, ISO7637-2