Smart Ready Retrofit for Yanmar

Smart Ready® Retrofit for Yanmar Engines
Equipped with Valeo Alternators

Now Yanmar Owners can Easily add Balmar Multi-Stage Regulation
without Disposing of the Valeo Alternator Present on Recent Production Yanmar Engines

A Simple Retrofit of the 120A/12V or 60A/24V Valeo Alternator Converts the Alternator to Accept Balmar’s Famous Multi-Stage External Regulation

  • Reduce the cost of adding Balmar multi-stage regulation by half
  • The replacement internal regulator utilizes Balmar’s patented Smart Ready® design
  • The internal regulator provides “Come-Home” capability if the external regulator fails (12V only)
  • Temperature sensing provides protection for your battery and alternator to prevent damage from overheating
  • Kits come with all required conversion parts
  • Conversion can be completed in 30 minutes
  • Perfect for large AGM or lithium battery banks
  • 12V and 24V versions available

                                                              Quick & Easy Installation


Yanmar Engine Models
Equipped with a
Valeo 120A/12V Alternator
   Model #   Serial Number
2YM15    E05891 & after  
3YM20    E11910 & after  
3YM30E    E20848 & after  
3JH5E    E12749 & after  
4JH5E    E14236 & after 
4JH4-TE    E15602 & after  
4JH4-THE    E24940 & after  
   4JH4-HTE1      E40232 & after  
4JH3-DTE    E35417 & after  
   Part Number  Description        Kit Contents             MSRP  
30-SR12-02Smart Ready® Retrofit Kit Only  Internal Regulator and Replacement Cover $199
ARS-5-VL-01ARS-5 Regulator Kit30-SR12-02, ARS-5 Regulator & Temp Sensor Cables $499
MC-614-VL-01MC-614 Regulator Kit30-SR12-02, MC-614 Regulator & Temp Sensor Cables$599
MC-624-VL-01*MC-624 Regulator Kit Internal Dummy Regulator, MC-624 Regulator & Temp Cables  $645

* The MC-624-VL-01 (24V Version) is not Smart Ready®.

 Installation Demonstration Video