Integrated DC Charging Solutions
For Recreational Vehicle Applications

  • Dedicated 2nd Alternator Charging System
  • Ideal for Class B/C RVs with AGM or Lithium Banks
  • 170A in a Small Case Package, up to 110A at Idle
  • Battery Chemistry-Specific Regulation
  • Integrates with SG200/RV-C Battery Monitoring System
  • Specific Sprinter, Transit and ProMaster Designs

New XT-Series Charging Systems from Balmar bring together the latest innovations in alternator design with Balmar’s proven regulation technology to deliver incredible charging power for high-capacity AGM and Lithium battery banks.  As an integral part of the energy storage systems required to facilitate dry camping, Balmar can dramatically reduce charge times for high-performance battery banks. 


  XT-Series Output

  Take Off  


Charging Program


Charging Kit
Part Number


Kit Contents(1)(2)

Ford Transit 170 A 5.2 HP     LiFePO4         XT-EB-170-K4-KIT          

XT-Series 170A Alternator,
MC-618 External Regulator,
Regulator Harness,
Alternator & Battery Temperature Sensors

Mercedes Sprinter    LiFePO4      XT-MS-170-K6-KIT      
Dodge ProMaster LiFePO4 XT-PM-170-K6-KIT

(1) The Transit and Sprinter Kits are configured to be mounted with the factory supplied 2nd Alternator Kit.
(2) The ProMaster Kits require a custom designed 2nd alternator mounting bracket. Contact Balmar Tech Service at +1-360-435-6100 for more details.

Click Here to Download an XT-Series Product Datasheet for RV Applications