AT-DF-165-K6-KITXT-Series Alternators
For WakeBoat and Inboard Gas Applications

  • 170A & 250A in a Small Case Package
  • Up to 180A at Idle Speeds
  • Ideal for WakeBoat Electrical Loads
  • Custom High Speed Bearings for Long Life
  • Dual Fan Cooling, High Airflow Frame
  • USCG Title 33, ISO 8846 and SAE J1171 Certified

XT-Series Alternators from Balmar were designed with WakeBoat applications specifically in mind.

_DSC4562Over 60% of WakeBoat run times are at idle speed. Many high current electrical loads are engaged at idle, including ballast pumps, high-output stereo systems and multiple instrumentation loads. Standard alternators only produce about 30A-40A at idle speed, leaving these loads to be serviced by onboard batteries. Excessive draining causes battery sulfation and reduced lifetimes. Dealers report that AGM batteries which should last 5-7 years on these vessels are being replaced annually.

XT-170 and XT-250 Alternators produce over 120A and 180A, respectively at idle speed – ample power to service all electrical loads with power left over to top-off house batteries. The XT-Series pays for itself in reduced battery replacement costs in just one year!

Available XT-Series mounting styles are drop-in compatible for WakeBoat and other GM gasoline engine applications and include both 2“ Single Foot (Delco 11Si Style) and Vortec (Delco 9Si Style) designs. 


  Take Off  



Part Number(1)



170 A    5.2 HP          1-2″ Single Foot (Case Ground)                XT-SF-170-IR            



  K6 (2.4″ dia)        



1-2″ Single Foot (Isolated Ground) XT-SF-170-IR-IG
    Vortec (Case Ground)   
Vortec (Isolated Ground) XT-VT-170-IR-IG
250 A 6.6 HP 1-2″ Single Foot (Case Ground)   XT-SF-250-IR  
Vortec (Case Ground)      XT-VT-250-IR  

(1) These Alternators contain single stage, internal regulators and are not appropriate for use with Balmar’s multi-stage external regulators. Contact Balmar Tech Service at +1-360-435-6100 for more details.

XT-Series Alternator Datasheet