Designed for Recreational Applications

  • Balmar’s Top Selling Alternator Line
  • 70A, 100A and 120A Versions
  • Patented Smart Ready® Technology
  • Dual Fan Cooling
  • High Airflow Frame
  • Maximum RPM: 12,000
  • USCG Title 33, ISO, SAE and CE Compliant
  • Ideal for Modest Charging Upgrades

Balmar 6-Series Alternators deliver high-output performance in a compact, small-case package and is available in all four common mounting configurations (see Selecting a Charging System).

While all Balmar’s high-output alternators are designed and recommended for use with our multi-stage voltage regulators, the 6-Series Alternator utilizes Balmar’s Smart Ready® Technology. If battery loads are relatively small and your engine is running frequently, the alternator’s internal regulator may be sufficient to support your electrical needs without external regulation. If your vessel utilizes larger deep-cycle battery banks or the engine’s duty cycle is less frequent (as is the case in most sailing applications), the 6-Series Alternator combines and works seamlessly with Balmar’s ARS-5 Voltage Regulator or Max Charge Voltage Regulator.

Purchased either individually or as a charging kit, 6-Series Alternators can solve a multitude of charging problems at a reasonable price. All kits come with alternator, regulator and two temperature sensors.


Take Off
Mounting      Individual Alternator
Part Number
     Alternator Kit with
ARS-5 Regulator
Alternator Kit with
Max Charge Regulator
Pulley Kit
70A 2.8 HP

1-2″ Single Foot

  621-70-SV          621-VUP-70-SV        621-VUP-MC-70-SV   


621-70-DV 621-VUP-70-DV 621-VUP-MC-70-DV
621-70-K6 621-VUP-70-K6 621-VUP-MC-70-K6
3.15″ Dual Foot
60-70-SV 60-YP-70-SV 60-YP-MC-70-SV
60-70-DV 60-YP-70-DV 60-YP-MC-70-DV
60-70-K6 60-YP-70-K6 60-YP-MC-70-K6
100 A 4.0 HP 1-2″ Single Foot
   621-100-SV    621-VUP-100-SV 621-VUP-MC-100-SV   
621-100-DV 621-VUP-100-DV 621-VUP-MC-100-DV
621-100-K6 621-VUP-100-K6 621-VUP-MC-100-K6
621-100-J10 621-VUP-100-J10 621-VUP-MC-100-J10
3.15″ Dual Foot
60-100-SV 60-YP-100-SV 60-YP-MC-100-SV
60-100-DV 60-YP-100-DV 60-YP-MC-100-DV
60-100-K6 60-YP-100-K6 60-YP-MC-100-K6
60-100-J10 60-YP-100-J10 60-YP-MC-100-J10
120 A 4.8 HP 1-2″ Single Foot
   621-120-DV    621-VUP-120-DV 621-VUP-MC-120-DV   


If a Dual Vee or
Serpentine Pulley
is Not Already

See the

621-120-K6 621-VUP-120-K6 621-VUP-MC-120-K6
621-120-J10 621-VUP-120-J10 621-VUP-MC-120-J10
3.15″ Dual Foot
60-120-DV 60-YP-120-DV 60-YP-MC-120-DV
60-120-K6 60-YP-120-K6 60-YP-MC-120-K6
60-120-J10 60-YP-120-J10 60-YP-MC-120-J10
4.0″ Dual Foot
604-120-DV A Charging Kit is Not Available,
However the Components may be Purchased Separately
150 A 5.2 HP 4.0″ Dual Foot
   604-150-DV   A Charging Kit is Not Available,
However the Components may be Purchased Separately
 70A, 24V
 5.6 HP
 1-2″ Single Foot 

Balmar 24 Volt Alternators
Must be Paired with an
MC-624 Regulator

621-24-70-K6 621-VUP-24-70-K6
621-24-70-J10 621-VUP-24-70-J10
 3.15″ Dual Foot 
60-24-70-DV 60-YP-24-70-DV
60-24-70-K6 60-YP-24-70-K6
60-24-70-J10 60-YP-24-70-J10 
  4.0″ Dual Foot 
604-24-70-DV Charging Kit Not Available.
Purchase Components Separately 

 A Max Charge Regulator Kit is required for 24 volt, Dual-Alternator or Dual Engine Applications.