AltMount® Pulley Conversion Kits

AltMountPatentAltMount®Serpentine Pulley Conversion Kits
Balmar’s Patented AltMount® Serpentine Pulley Kits Facilitate the use of Balmar High Power Alternators

  • Better Power Transfer
  • Reduced Vibration and Belt Dust
  • Quieter Motoring

Single Vee pulleys can only support alternator power loads (PTO) of up to 100A for 12V applications (45A for 24V applications). A serpentine pulley provides greater surface contact between the belt and pulley, and thus can accommodate much higher PTO requirements.

AltMount® Pulley Kits are designed uniquely for each engine listed below, including all the hardware required to complete the installation. The system is installed by placing and fastening a conversion pulley over the existing crank pulley and replacing the water pump pulley. Two serpentine belts are provided with each kit. 

AltMount® Pulley Kits are designed to be used with Balmar 6-Series and XT-Series Alternators.  We cannot guarantee fit with other brands of alternators.   For 95-Series Alternators, use the 48-AM-39 alternator pulley. For 7-Series Alternators, use the 48-AM-102 alternator pulley.  For Hitachi Alternators, use the 48-AM-97 alternator pulley.

AltMount® Pulley Kits install easily and deliver a marked improvement in power transfer while reducing noise and engine vibration.   View the installation video below to see how easy it is to install an AltMount® Pulley Kit, then select a kit for your engine from list!

Note: Engine manufacturers often make minor changes in their engine platforms which may require minor changes to the AltMount© Kit. Also, a previous boat owner may have made changes to the pulley scheme which must be overcome. As a result, Balmar recommends that every AltMount© Kit be installed by a qualified professional.

Note: Balmar no longer offers Yanmar Second Alternator Kits. With the introduction of our XT-Series, 250A alternator platform, we believe the most cost-effective solution for higher power is the replacement of a primary alternator with the XT-Series. The cost and complexity of adding a second alternator mount is no longer required.

Identify Your Engine Model on the Left Column to find the Appropriate AltMount® Kit on the Right, Then Click on the Kit Number to view a Kit Picture and Additional Information:

New AltMount® Pulley Kits are constantly under development. If you do not see a kit for your engine, contact us or call our Technical Support line at 1.360.435.6100 x3.