The New XT-Series Alternators from Balmar bring together the latest innovations in alternator design to deliver incredible charging power in a compact, Marine-friendly package.

Wakeboating on waterOver 60% of WakeBoat run times are at idle speed. Many high current electrical loads are engaged at idle, including ballast pumps, high-output stereo systems and multiple instrumentation loads. Standard alternators only produce about 30A-40A at idle speed, leaving these loads to be serviced by onboard batteries. Excessive draining causes battery sulfation and reduced lifetimes. Dealers report that AGM batteries which should last 5-7 years on these vessels are being replaced annually.

XT-170 and XT-250 Alternators produce over 120A and 180A, respectively at idle speed – ample power to service all electrical loads with power left over to top-off house batteries. The XT-Series pays for itself in reduced battery replacement costs in just one year!

Available XT-Series mounting styles are drop-in compatible for WakeBoat and other GM gasoline engine applications and include both 2“ Single Foot (Delco 11Si Style) and Vortec (Delco 9Si Style) designs.

For Wakeboat and Inboard Gas Applications

XT-Series OutputPower Take OffMounting Alternator
Part Number(1)
Standard Pulley
170 A5.2 HP1-2" Single Foot (Case Grd)XT-SF-170-IRK6 (2.4" dia.)
1-2" Single Foot (Iso Grd)XT-SF-170-IR-IG
Vortec (Case Grd)XT-VT-170-IR
Vortec (Iso Grd)XT-VT-170-IR-IG
250A6.0 HPVortec (Case Grd)XT-SF-250-IR
Vortec (Case Grd)XT-VT-250-IR

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