Alternator Rebuild Kits

Kits vary by alternator model, but all provide the most commonly needed components, such as bearings, brushes, and complete regulator/rectifier assemblies. Balmar strongly recommends that a qualified alternator repair shop be used to complete a repair or rebuild.

 Part Number Description  Alternator Series
7060Rebuild Kits6-Series (12V)
7060-24Rebuild Kits6-Series (24V)
7090Rebuild Kits90-Series (12/24V)
7094Rebuild Kits94-Series (12/24V)
7095Rebuild Kits95-Series (12/24V)
70-AT-165Rebuild KitsAT-Series (165A)
70-XT-170Rebuild KitsXT-Series (170A)
70-AT-200Rebuild KitsAT-Series (200A)
70-XT-250Rebuild KitsAT-Series (250A)