Balmar offers a wide range of charging system upgrades designed specifically for marine industry applications.  Balmar installs high reliability bearings, robust rectifier diodes and improved heat-sinking capabilities on all our alternators to ensure improved system reliability combined with increased charging power.

Balmar Alternators can typically be divided between “Small Case” and “Large Case” applications.  Small Case (6-Series and XT-Series) Alternators are generally used for light duty, recreational applications such as sailboats and recreational powerboats utilizing either gas or diesel engines. Large Case (94-Series, 95-Series, 96-Series, 97-Series and 98-Series) Alternators are designed for mid-range and heavy duty cycle applications where large diesel engines (>300HP) are predominantly utilized. Balmar recommends that all its alternators be paired with Balmar’s patented Multi-Stage Regulators to optimize charging system efficiency and performance.

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