Single Stage Regulators

Single-Stage Regulators 

For vessels with nominal battery loads and/or applications where charging times are too short to benefit from the intelligence of multi-stage regulators, a single-stage regulator may be satisfactory.

BRS-2T Single-Stage Voltage Regulator

Available in 12 Volt and 24 Volt Models Adjustable Target Voltage to Address Battery Types

  • BRS-2T-12-H – Adjustable from 13.5V – 14.5V
  • BRS-2T-24-H – Adjustable from 26.5V – 29.5V

ERS-KIT Single Stage Regulator

  • 14.1 Volts, Non-Adjustable
  • Ideal Backup Regulator
  • Kit includes Terminals to Connect to a Balmar 12V Regulator Harness