Centerfielder II

Centerfielder II:  CFII-12/24
For Balanced Twin Engine Charging 

  • Balances Charging in Twin Engine Applications
  • Eliminates Alternator Chatter by Unifying Field Current
  • For Use with Max Charge Regulators Only
  • Works in Both 12V and 24V Applications
  • Includes Upgraded Regulator Power Wires and Fusing
  • Isolates Alternators and Regulators when only One Engine is Running
  • Can be Used with the Digital Duo Charge to charge a Second Battery 

The Centerfielder II, when used with Max Charge Regulators, balances twin engine charging systems by monitoring the port and starboard voltage regulators. When both alternators and regulators are working, the Centerfielder II automatically designates the starboard regulator as dominant for both alternators – making it possible to charge a single house battery bank with the combined output of both alternators. 

The Centerfielder II eliminates the “yo-yo effect” of two regulators repeatedly turning on and off as the battery approaches target voltage because the two systems are not working in concert.

Centerfielder Diagram

Shown above is a 12V configuration using the MC-618
Consult the user manual for a 24V configuration using the MC-624
Centerfielder II cannot be used with the ARS-5 Regulator

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